Finishing a book

Finishing a book

Today I applied the last touches to my manuscript and exported it from Scrivener. Then I opened Kindle Create and was surprised by how easy they make it.

Upload a file. Decide what's a chapter, how you want things to look, tinker with it if you wish to, or leave it as is. Decide on a pricing model, and voila — your kindle e-book is ready.

There were some extra steps for the paperback, but I spent the most time designing a cover. They offer a tool that makes everything super easy, and you can have a great looking book within 15 minutes.

When I clicked for the final print preview, I nearly cried. There it was — my book. Three hundred years in the making, but now I could almost smell the cream paper inside the matte-finished covers. There was my name. My photo.

I was so excited that I didn't want to ruin anything in haste, so I saved the draft and gave myself some time to sleep on it. But it's like a dream that became a reality.

I feel dizzy.

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