Impatient towards the end.

Impatient towards the end.

Nearly done. I finished the draft of my first book, ran it through the Grammarly check, and now proofreading it. Next, I'll revise the chapters and the lineup and then throw it into the Kindle Create.

I was patient through the whole process so far, but now I find myself skipping stages, tinkering with the tool, designing the cover, ... steps that I know should be left for once the manuscript is marked as done.

I realized I'm always like that. Patient till 90%, and then can't wait to pass the finish line. On marathon races, my last few kilometers are always the fastest. It's the same with public speaking — last slides and thoughts are always more energetic, nailing towards the final point. Examples galore.

Why I act like that, I don't know. But I noticed it during the book-building process, as I'm the only person involved in this self-publishing party. And that's a valuable point. Now I know that shipping this book helps me notice my shortcomings and further improve.

This is pure satisfaction.

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