On screen. On paper.

On screen. On paper.

I'm a very digital guy. I walked away from taking notes on paper and retired my Moleskine practice years ago. The reason is esthetic — I have terrible handwriting. And the less I practice it, the worse it gets. It came to a point when I'm not able to read my own writing anymore.

I love to type, and I love seeing my words appear on the screen. It feels like I'm creating magic.

But I love to print things out. Once it's on the paper, it's more tangible. On the screen feels virtual, vulnerable, fictitious. Paper makes it feel lasting. Future-proof.

And I noticed that paper books make sense too. Unfortunately, I came to this after hundred of kindle books. I recall better when using a highlighter and a pen, adding scribbles on the marginalia. Compared to copy/pasting kindle highlights into Evernote, retyping notes is more work. But it's the right kind of effort. Worth doing.

The weirdest thing is that I'll print it out to revise my notes. That's not environment-friendly. It works, though.

On screen to write.
On paper to read.

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