Seth Godin: The Practice. Sold out.

Seth Godin: The Practice. Seth is the Zig Ziglar of creatives.

Seth Godin: The Practice. Sold out.

Yesterday I spent nearly a quarter of my average annual books budget on a limited edition boxed set.  But there’s nothing average about 2020, and nothing average about me in 2020, or at least that’s what I like telling myself.

The purchase was purely emotional. Because there’s nothing rational about opening an email, clicking a link to the landing page, watching a bald guy with colorful glasses tell me a story, and then pulling out the credit card.

I’m talking about Seth and his new book. I love watching Seth’s videos; he’s inspiring and persuasive; he motivates me to write and create and ship.

Seth is the Zig Ziglar of creatives.

These days I get up at 0530 every morning, practice yoga, enjoy Turkish coffee, journal, and then get to my studio before 7 am.
I’m writing and editing my book up until 9 am.
Then I do my corporate job until late afternoon when I tinker with my blog.
I usually arrive home before 6 pm, and I need time to mentally switch into being a husband and a father.

That’s when I noticed Seth’s email and went straight through his sales funnel. I’m a minimalist, and this world is full of the things I don’t want or need. But I liked the narrative about owning a limited set of Seth’s books and extra swag. Only 399 other people might have that. And that makes us even more special than being within 1%. I’m better than you, that’s what those €216 bought me.

Seth Godin: The Practice. 

A perfect present for that boy from back in the nineties, who was never the same after discovering a copy of one of Seth’s books in a public library. Inspired for change, with a writer’s itch fueled by creative sparks that fired my ride to where I am now.

That’s what those €216 bought me. The best deal ever.

Thank you, Seth. I'm looking forward to reading it.

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