The rise of cloud cities?

The rise of cloud cities?

Balaji Srinivasan was the guest on the Paradox Podcast.

I love this idea that we’re building internet cloud cities, and that the internet is the next Silicon Valley. —Now that lots of tech workers are spending most of their days on the laptops remotely working from home, this is already the fact.

Basically, you only need a domain, and — opposite of the house numbers — those are infinite. You can start with a ~$10 for the domain and some cash for hosting. This way you control you own online presence. Even if you’re not a writer, secure a piece of your land.


Balaji also says that cryptocurrency will be seen by future historians as the most important thing of the 2010s.

Action: get into crypto. With fintech solutions like Revolut, it’s easy to get into crypto with small amounts of cash. This way, you don’t need to risk too much money to get a feeling of the new digital currencies. I set aside small amounts of cash each month to top up my crypto portfolio.

Citizen journalism

I love this idea that we are the free press. You and me. Everyone with an online access can participate — often for free — and have a voice in the media. We are the media. On Twitter, on Facebook, on blogs — we are shaping the way of this world. Seeing how many journalists went independent and started their own Substack newsletters lately, this is definitely a big movement.

People are becoming personal media corporations. Ex: Substack and Twitter enable people to make a living creating media and content

Listen to this podcast below, or skim through the Podcast Notes.

“In the same way that social media turned a lot of people in publishers, I think that VR is going to turn a lot of people into architects”

– Balaji Srinivasan

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