Work blessings.

Work blessings.

Today I arrived at my office/studio at 0630. It was still dark outside, and there wasn't another person to be seen.

I love to show up early, and I love the fact that I don't need to do it. I could have worked from home, and dial into my 9 am call straight from my bed. But I choose not to. I prefer to show up; to show up early, the first to arrive, and the last to leave. There's no boss, no supervision. My team doesn't know when I'm in. But I know. And I choose to show up and do the work that matters.

I write in the mornings. I write for my book and this blog. No email, no social media, zero distractions. Just my keyboard, a scented candle, and a pot of hot coffee.

The majority of people in this world aren't so lucky. There's no job, no office, no work to be done, and no paycheck.

As we enter another lockdown, let's reflect on the blessings we have. It's time to express gratitude, and it's time to be humble. Be generous within your means. It doesn't take huge donations; often, a nod and a smile will make someone's day. It's going to make your day.

I smiled at a random woman today. I hope it spreads.

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