Living a perfect life

Living a perfect life

Here’s how yesterday went: I got up before 5 am, and engaged in my morning routine: Surya namaskar, and then journaling while sipping the Turkish coffee. I got ready and went to my atelier/office at 6 am, the commute time was six minutes.

I worked on the new blog post describing my story of quitting smoking. I worked in Roam Research in Chrome on my iPad Pro (MacBook Pro in service). I love writing early in the mornings, as the sun is coming up, and it’s still quiet enough to notice the church bells ringing. Morning sun rays fill me with energy.

After 1700 words, I switched into my corporate job role and prepared for the Monday morning videoconference marathon. It’s usually six or seven calls in a row, with people from different countries and geographies — and it’s an awesome way to get fresh news update from half the globe.

After finishing the calls at 1130, it was time to break my 16/8 fast. I brought a salad that I prepared the evening before. A simple mix of lettuce, sauerkraut, and beans, sprinkled with flaxseeds and herbal salt, drizzled with apple vinegar and the local specialty of my current domicile — pumpkin seed oil. It was delicious, and I ate mindfully, with no browsing, not watching anything, just eating. I’m still getting used to not watching TED talks or Late Night Show clips during lunchtime, but it works.

After lunch I quickly cleaned my inbox, delegating most of the tasks. I spent ten minutes updating a slide deck, then shared it with my direct report.

I sat in the car and went out for a coffee. As I sat in that place, relaxed in an easy chair, I pondered the rest of my day, and it occurred to me — I’m living my best life. This is exactly how I pictured it to be. Having a great career, a perfect job, eliminated stress, feeling in control, setting the strategy, leaning back. My wife works from home, she’s happy too. Kids are at school, they love to be with their friends.

Between 4 and 5 pm we pick our youngest one from school. It’s a short stroll from our home, and we enjoy this opportunity to take a walk, hold hands, and talk. We’ll all be spending an hour or so together in the afternoon — kids don’t give us more attention these days, and that’s okay — they balance between us, their obligations, and their friends and leisure time. But they seem happy and content, that’s the most important thing. I’m happy when I see the joy in their lives.

My wife went to the gym in the late afternoon, and I went to a sauna. We met and reconnected afterward. A chat, some cuddling, and it’s bedtime. A perfect (work)day.
I am so grateful for everything we have. It’s a perfect life.

Namaste. 🙏

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