Lockdown slowdown.

Lockdown slowdown.

As another lockdown unfolds, I noticed the tranquility it brought. The coffee places are closed, so the noise in the business centers subsided.  The volume knob reduced the decibels, and the mornings are nearly as quiet as during the first snowfall.

If you're running a coffee shop, that's a tragedy. But I choose to appreciate the calmness.

We can all use this time to slow down. Reduce our consumption. Less coffee, less sugar, less crap. Less social media, less news. Breathe and enjoy the moments. Recharge and accept reality. There is no new normal. It's just a normal normal.

A mask can keep you warm on a cold autumn day. Closed malls save you money. Find a way to enjoy the quiet times.

Because the last thing we need is more noise, more consumption, more spending, more debt.
Let's reflect and appreciate.

We'll miss it when it's gone.

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