My intentions with this blog

My intentions with this blog

I started this blog as a way to restart my digital/online life. It’s the first indie-web project for me. No Team, no VAs, no hired freelancers (for now).

I wanted to do it from scratch. Signed up for Bluehost, found the domain name, paid from my own wallet. No expenses reimbursement.

I wanted to share more of my writing with the public, as part of my giving back to society. I want to tell you that hustling and freelancing and entrepreneurship porn aren’t the only ways to go. You can be truly happy, fulfilled, and joyous by working in 9-5 (actually #WFH these days).

When you follow the blogosphere (is this still an expression, or has it gone with the information highway?), it seems everyone is trying to build up huge mailing lists, gazillions of social media followers, and earn big bucks.

But I don’t need that. I want to do good. So I won’t be locking the content behind the give-me-your-email door. The pop-up is there, and if you find my writing valuable, I’ll be very happy if you sign up. You’ll get a weekly summary of my writing, and I won’t ever try to sell you anything. Except for ideas. And motivation. And joy.

And I don’t want to have any ads on the site, because that’s ugly. If you look at the theme I’ve chosen, you realize that I’m trying to keep it light, simple, minimalist.

The only monetization I’m doing is with the affiliate links so if you decide to buy something on Amazon, and you go there via one of my links, I’ll earn a small commission at zero extra cost for you. I plan on using any potential affiliate commissions to reinvest into this site. I’m hoping to cover the hosting fees at first and then might add some premium themes etc. But I haven’t outlined a business plan to get rich. I already have enough.

As this is not a source of income, nor making a living, but more a creative outlet, I can afford to relax and write what I want. And I’d love to build those one thousand true fans.

A small following of those of you that will find value in my writing. A tiny following. So that I can write every day.

This blog is meant to be written first, and read second.


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