Never too late.

Never too late.

I’m signing up for university today. —What’s so special about that, you might say. —I’m about to turn forty, I’ve got a great corporate leadership career, and I’m living the life I always dreamt of.

People ask me Why. Why the hell am I going to waste time with the university after having 20 years of career experience.
Why not, I say.

Maybe it’s because I’m a university drop-out, and it feels like there’s some unfinished business. Or because I have the opportunity to be the first in my family history with a university degree. Maybe I want to hang out with young people. But I think that it’s because I want to learn.

I’ll put this growth mindset of mine back to work. If all goes according to the plan, I should have an undergraduate degree in two years. And then I can decide to go for the Bachelor’s, and maybe even an MBA.

It won’t do anything to improve my salary or career; it’s just tending to my yearning for learning.

It’s never too late.

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