Seth Godin on Tim Ferriss

I can't believe this is free. Listen and bathe in wisdom. Seth is like a creative encyclopedia inspiring you to ship great work.

Seth Godin on Tim Ferriss
Seth Godin on The Game of Life, The Value of Hacks, and Overcoming Anxiety (#476)
Interview with Seth Godin on The Tim Ferriss Show podcast
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This podcast made me hate that my commute is less than 10 minutes on average and twenty-five if I go during the rush-hour. So what I did, is sat in my car in the middle of the day and drove around town to bathe in this wisdom. And every couple of minutes, I'd stop and take notes.

I can't believe this is free.

Seth is like a creative encyclopedia inspiring you to ship great work.

Merely do it — alternative to just do it. Explore what it means to make magic in the small — so you can do it again.

We decide that we're bloggers. And bloggers blog every day. And that decision lightens the cognitive load so much; there's no reason to negotiate with ourselves. We already had a meeting. We already decided. :-)

Authenticity is overrated. Those we serve want consistency. The reason it's called work, not a hobby, is because I made a promise.

The way we act determines how we feel way more often than the way we feel determines how we act.

If our attitudes are skills, and the skills are learnable, ... our whole posture is based on the possibility of better.

Convert attitude into a skill.

Anxiety is experiencing failure in advance. That's not helping anything.

Reassurance is futile because you can never get enough of it.

We learn things by becoming momentarily incompetent.

Create tension. Why is the book Purple Cow in the business section? What does this have to do with anything? It's a mystery, and then the mystery is resolved.

Create constraints. Having constraints lets, you get to the edge. The cost of making up the constraints after the start is enormous.

Who do you want your customers to be? —Because if you hate your customers, you are going to hate your business.

Learning to ignore the sunk costs is the single most useful thing I can point out to people.

... but when you make a book, they ask for a prize because they finished reading it. I only write a book when I have no choice.

The subtitle of The Practice is "Ship creative work." Either you do that for a living, or you don't.  If you don't do that for a living, good luck to you. Because you're a cog in a system that wants to replace you.

On the other hand, if you want to ship creative work, Ship means — if it doesn't ship, it doesn't count. Work means you do it even when you don't feel like it. And creative is where the joy is because creative is — no-one's ever done it this way before. And here, I made this. And all I know — for me anyway — is those moments are bathed in golden light for me.

If you wanna learn to be creative, you have to show me an enormous number of bad ideas.

Let's prove that your bad ideas are not fatal.

I don't think I ever pressed the rewind button so many times during one podcast. And I need to listen to the whole thing again because I'm sure I missed a ton of gems.

I can't believe this is free. And suddenly those €200 I spent on a special package feel like a great bargain.

Seth Godin: The Practice.
Seth Godin: The Practice. Seth is the Zig Ziglar of creatives.

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