Working remotely

Working remotely

I haven't been to any of our offices since April 2020. The last time I met my boss in person was sometime in May 2020. Ever since, I've only been meeting people on video calls and in chats. I haven't met a customer for well over a year.

Still, I keep thinking about creating side hustles and earning some side income, not being tied to a single income from my job. Why?

There is zero indication or need to worry that I would lose my job within the next twelve months. On the contrary, I expect a promotion and an even bigger salary.

Most of my job can be done perfectly remotely and asynchronously. My teams are spread across the globe, in different time zones, and we stopped using phone calls a long time ago. Everyone prefers Slack or — when we really need to see each other — WebEx. All our documents are shared, and we work on them independently and all at once. Our tasks are completed ahead of schedule, and we're outperforming everyone else.

Still, the absence of office makes me consider other options. Side hustles, alternative income streams, and such. It's time to shift perspective.

Most people looking for FI and the -RE hate their work, their bosses, sometimes even their colleagues. They hate their commutes and everything around it. For them, side hustles are an escape to freedom.

But for me, freedom is to have a nice, well-paid gig, where I can earn enough to save at least 50% of my income; a job that doesn't stress the fuck out of me, something giving me the time to tinker with my hobbies and interests.

I already have that. Combined with a certain level of security, more vacation than I'd like to take, and shared corporate responsibility. I don't need a side hustle. I just need to vent.

That's why I've built this sandbox.  

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