A walk in the middle of the workday

A walk in the middle of the workday
Photo by Arek Adeoye / Unsplash

You can turn any insignificant errand into a mindful thing. Today, for example, I had to go to the grocery store. Instead of sitting in a car, I took the time to write down my grocery list, dress appropriately for the cold winter day, and get my shopping trolley.

Instead of taking the short route, I intentionally decided to go to a more distant store, where I could shop more for less, but — more importantly — where the walking path was nicer.

It was about a 5K walk to get there. I listened to a podcast with Steven Pressfield about his upcoming memoir, Govt Cheese.

I took deep breaths, the cold air filled my lungs, and I was relaxed.

As the cars filled with people in a hurry passed me, I noticed I was free. Free of their urgencies, just as I was free of the infinite scrolling of the people waiting at that bus station.

Nobody was waiting for me. I had no place to hurry to. THE WALK was my goal. And I enjoyed every step.

The joy is in the simplest of things if we take the time to be mindful and intentional about them.

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