Photo by Fallon Michael / Unsplash

I’m just walking and noticing stuff. The bookstore. The entrance. The simple things.

I don’t need any alternative lifestyle. This one is amazing. I get to take a stroll around the city early in the morning, go back, do the work, and get paid over two hundred thousand euros a year. What more do I want?

I know what I want (or at least I think I do). I want to have a bookstore and a coffee shop in the city center. I want to be offline, read and write, take walks, inhale the city’s energy, and publish things.

But isn’t this better? I don’t have real money worries, as I have more than enough money. I’ve got a considerable income, allowing me to live a nice lifestyle and still have enough time to take these walks.

Owning a bookstore and a coffee shop sounds nice, but operating them is a whole different shit. That’s maintenance, worries, and not being able to go on vacation, … perhaps it’s better to own and let someone else operate it. But why would I own it, then? Because I’d need an income? To do what? To be able to take morning walks? —I get to do those now, with much less hassle and for much better money. And I don’t need to write. I get to write.

God bless.

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