Teetotal 2024

Teetotal 2024
Photo by NEOM / Unsplash

Saturday, December 9th, 2023.


I don’t know why I got up so early. I just woke up and had all these thoughts racing through my mind, and I couldn’t fall back asleep. So, I got up. And now I’m thinking about what else to change in my life. 

Booze. Going teetotal. For a year again. Or more. Or less? I had a couple of glasses of wine yesterday, and it felt good, but I know it wreaked havoc on my sleep. It’s probably why I woke up so early. My resting heart rate is a bit elevated compared to what I consider as good (52 vs. 48 bpm). And even though I only had three glasses, I can feel I’m not the same. Alcohol drives me to make bad decisions. To skip exercising. To eat poorly. Not to mention what it does to my body and my internal organs. It’s a toxin. It destroys the liver. It promotes cancer. And it adds calories. A bottle of wine is over 600 calories. Wow. 

And there’s no need to postpone the start of the next teetotal journey. I can start today. It’s exactly five weeks till that concert. I could be five weeks sober till then, completely detoxed, and it would probably encourage me to go on. Entering 2024 sober might be the best thing ever. Teetotal, frugal, debt- and car-free. How about that? A perfect version of myself. 

And I’ll go one day at a time, so I can again learn to appreciate each and every teetotal day by observing the clarity and cleanliness in my brain and body. And what about all the money I’ll avoid spending! What will I do with that? Spend with my family on trips, getaways, vacations, and experiences. 

There's no waiting for January 1st. I'll start today; right now.

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