Budgeted Living Experiment (BLE) after week 1

Budgeted Living Experiment (BLE) after week 1

Here's a recap of the first week of running my Budgeted Living Experience. I spent €854,23 for a daily burn rate of €106,78.

Top category: Health

I spent €452,68, or about 53%, on Health, which includes monthly gym membership, physiotherapy, and spa services. I see all these as investments in my health and well-being, so no regrets there. And I don't plan on cutting those when I "retire," so they're kind of fixed costs for me. Maintenance and upkeep of my system.


This was the second biggest category (€222,88), including airport parking, lounge, and some snacks on the road.


You might notice that I only spent €51,02 on groceries, represented by two trips to the grocery store. These kept me fed for the entire week. I eat simple, primarily plant-based meals which don't cost much. I prepare my own lunch and dinner (no breakfast — intermittent fasting!), and I only ordered food delivery once (€18,99).

All the others are minor expenses across different categories, and I wouldn't want to cut any of these.

Learning points

I have to say; I wouldn't expect such a daily burn rate for days when I'm at home (except returning from vacation on January 2nd).  But okay, the idea for this 3-month Budgeted Living Experiment is not to save, but to observe where my money goes, so that I can learn where the reserves are if I need to cut spending one day.

Spending in the first week of the year & BLE 
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