A spiritual journey towards financial independence

A spiritual journey towards financial independence

I started thinking about this as I'm embarking on two journeys, financial — towards financial independence and spiritual — towards discovering my deeper self. How —if— are these two connected? I've been listening to Julie Piatt's TK podcast today, and she has a nice way of describing the money as energy. That makes it more spiritual; it somehow dematerializes the notion of money. I like that.

It's making it easier to combine these into one journey. Come to think of it; it does make sense. The journey towards financial independence is a combination of spending less, earning more, and widening the gap between the two. The wider the gap, the faster we reach financial independence.

We spend less by becoming more frugal and by becoming more mindful about our spending. That requires some discipline and design approach to everyday living. This same energy of discipline can help propel us forward in income-generating activities, resulting in a snowball effect. The better I am with spending less, the better I get to the wider the gap.

But what is financial independence? The number part is easy. Mine seems to be €2M. But is that the end goal? Not for me, it isn't. That's why I don't subscribe to the RE part of the FIRE idea — I don't see myself retiring at that number.

My FI-number is simply a point where I'll feel I have enough backup to have some darker scenarios covered. To have my backup. But it's not the end goal. It's merely a milestone. Towards what, I do not know yet. But my FI target is in 2030, so I give myself a whole decade to journey and wander and ponder and dream. Who knows how I'll feel in 2030.

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