Bob Dylan in my dreams

I had a dream about Bob Dylan tonight. Probably because I just finished reading Chronicles: Volume One and then also read this post and went down the rabbit hole.

We were in some hotel, and Bob Dylan had a small private concert. I was the only person who knew all his songs, and after he finished playing, we spent some time talking. It was a deep discussion of life, and I remember feeling all the time I can't believe I'm talking with Bob Dylan, but it felt so real.

Nobody else cared that HE'S BOB DYLAN! except me, and we discussed lyrics and his book, and all kinds of stuff. It was endless, and I never wanted it to finish.

I was super excited and walked with him through the hotel, trying to find someone to take a photo of the two of us. It always failed, as it was too dark to capture a good one on the iPhone. But we kept talking, and then he said he's been reading my stuff and likes where I'm going.

We somehow understood each other and agreed that the world doesn't and that we don't care. Giggled.

This is how he looked like:

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