Financial situation: March 2022

Financial situation: March 2022

Last update from November 2021:

Financial situation: November 2021
My last update from October 2021. Financial situation: October 2021I had a big jump in my total savings and investments. I decided to diversify the proceeds by putting 1/3 in crypto, 1/3 in index funds, and spending 1/3 on cocaine and hookers.MyKaizenWayvan der BNovember income and

March income and savings rate

In March, I had a decent salary of about €6,5K, but I decided not to transfer anything to my savings account. That's primarily due to hitting this year's goal of adding €30K to my main investment broker account. Also, I decided to allow myself to spend more on travel and business class flight upgrades this year. With the current situation in Ukraine, you never know what happens next.

Savings and investments status

March 2022 Savings & investments status

The stock markets were in turmoil due to Ukraine and other events, but while most S&P 500 underlying businesses remain stable, these are slowly returning to previous all-time highs.

My Company's vested RSUs (Account A) are growing again, and there will be more stocks vesting in the next trimester.

Account B is my index funds investment. There's about €25K worth of cash on the account while I dollar-cost-average add VWCE ETF month-by-month.

Crypto is returning to normal again, and it's almost a third of my overall liquid net worth, so I'm happy about that. Also, I staked all of my ETH, so I can't sell anything until ETH2. That was done on purpose to prevent me from cashing out the crypto too soon. While I don't need the cash, it's okay just to let it ride (hopefully up!).

Back in December, I invested €18,5K in a local REIT, and it's wonderful to see it adding nearly €2K in this short period. I plan on leaving it in there for the rest of the 2020s.

My cash savings account is dropping, but most money went into investments. I did take some amount and made a direct donation to someone in Ukraine — so I consider that going to my karma points. They used it well, and I can only pray they stay alive and well.

My vacation fund dropped as I paid for flights for May vacations — so that's used as planned. I plan to burn it down to zero in May.

Next month's financial plans

My total liquid net worth is slowly climbing back up to €300K. I mention "liquid" on purpose since that doesn't include my primary residence (estimated current market value at €500K+).

I like to look at gain instead of the gap. So, I'm happy to see that my liquid net worth increased by over €200K in the last twelve months. I'm not yet sure how much I plan to add to that over this year, but I am expecting a higher income, so I should be able to save and invest more while keeping the same cozy lifestyle. 🤞

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