Financial situation: November 2021

Financial situation: November 2021

My last update from October 2021.

Financial situation: October 2021
I had a big jump in my total savings and investments. I decided to diversify the proceeds by putting 1/3 in crypto, 1/3 in index funds, and spending 1/3 on cocaine and hookers.

November income and savings rate:

In November, I had a windfall income, which landed over €28K on my bank account. I hired three hookers for two weeks and a ton of cocaine with them. —Just kidding. I transferred €20K into my investments: €10K to the index funds trading account and €10K to my crypto account. That still left me with plenty of cash to cover my monthly expenses and get some hookers & cocaine on top. —Kidding again. But I have allowed myself to leave some rich life, at least what I find rich: upgraded business trips to business class, and working from a fancy 5-star hotel for a couple of days. Instead of hookers, I had massages, and instead of cocaine, I imbibed in champagne and Michelin-star dinners. To each its own.

Savings and investments status:

November 2021 Savings & Investments status

I kept my cash savings at exactly €100K, just because it felt nice to have that round number. That was disrupted later in the month by the harsh reality of European banks: negative interests. I thought we had a cap at €200K, but my bank silently lowered the threshold to €100K in the middle of the year. Fortunately, we have FinTech, so I simply transferred some cash to my internet banks' accounts.

I'm also keeping some of the cash on my trading account since I decided to dollar-cost-average purchases over the coming period. I'm buying five- to ten thousand euros worth of FTS All-World Accumulating index fund per month.
The markets are hot, and the crash (or correction) has to come sooner or later, but I'm looking at a 10+ year horizon. And when I ask myself, "Do I believe that All-World indexes will be up in 10+ years?" the answer is "Yes!" So I keep investing, and the dollar-cost-averaging gives me peace of mind in case of a correction.

As I kept transferring more cash savings onto the trading account, the cash was piling up, but I decided to stick to my policy. One day, when the correction comes, I'll be happy to have tens of thousands of euros of dry powder at hand.

Next month's financial plans

Since I'm posting this update late — just before the December update — I'll skip the plans and just reveal the actual scenario in the next post.

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