Financial situation update

In my March Financial update, I forgot to include a special deferred-tax retirement savings account to which I'm contributing €200 per month.

I've added it to my FI spreadsheet now, visible below:

The reason I forgot it, is that I'm not really looking at that seriously. It's going to add up a funny measly amount to my retirement, but it is fully recognized as a tax deduction (I'm contributing the maximum annually allowed deductible amount). So it has an immediate tax benefit.  

But looking at the above picture, and considering that I have two apartments with one small part of mortgage left, my net worth is now a bit over €600K ($700K). However, my primary residence is a big chunk of that sum, and I'm not planning to sell it, so I can take it out of the calculation. But it feels good to remind myself occasionally.

I hope that I calculated everything now.  

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