Missing honeymoon

We saved our marriage in the end, but it was a struggle.

I fell in love the moment I saw her. We became friends, hung out a lot, and the day I dumped my ex, we got together. We fell in love, and then she got pregnant. We got married, started living together, AND relocated to another country within a span of six months. By the time we really got to know each other, the baby was born.

All those things are life-altering events, each on its own, but when you stack them together, they result in a nuclear reaction.

It was tough. I was building my career, partying a lot, drinking, and not being home much.  And when I was, we fought and hated each other.

We were so close to divorcing on so many occasions. But we stuck together because of the kids.

Now the kids have grown, the pandemic stroke, and we get to spend more time together. Just the two of us. Not as parents, but as a husband and wife. As a couple. As lovers. It's great.

We're having our honeymoon now when everyone else is getting divorced. We already digested the worst of each other, and now we're discovering the good parts. It's an upside-down romance.

In Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche talks about feeling old at the beginning of his life…I felt like that, too
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