New yogini 🧘🏼‍♀️

Changing yoga teachers is tough. Once I get to feel them and the way they run their practice, I get spiritually attached. It's a special kind of bond. Not the usual man-woman or man-man connection; there is something deeper that I can't describe.

Once I had a yogini that I was very attracted to. But it wasn't sexual, erotic, or romantic. It was ... —yogic? I enjoyed her beautiful soul and positive spirit and all the great vibes. I really felt her. And then her beautiful soul left her body.

And there is a yogi that I love just the same. We aren't hanging out outside of our practice, and I don't really feel any need to. There is a bond, a connection, and I'd do anything for him. Now he's embarking on a journey, much more positive than my yogini, and it's time for new teachers.

So we got a new yogini.

I like her deep, authentic smile.  She was shy and insecure, so that first session wasn't as great. But we told her to just be herself instead of trying to replace someone else.

And then she showed up and really shone her light upon us. It was amazing. I felt this deep sense of content, and I could feel how she's taking over from previous yogis and guiding my spiritual journey onwards.

There's no deeper connection yet. I see a woman. I see her pretty face and tiny breasts and I want to caress her body. Hormonal explosion. Sexual attraction.

But I feel that with time, we have the potential to connect. That I can start seeing and feeling her like a yogini soul, warm and attractive on a spiritual level.

That's when I'll know that she's taken over this journey.

So long, my beautiful yogini soul. I hope you found your peace; we'll be fine.

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