Restroom sanctuaries

Why do you hate yourself so much?

🚽 At any point when I go to the restroom, there is someone in the stall, doing their business to the tune of a puzzle-solving game or something like that. It’s discouraging to realize how many people hate themselves their jobs so much that they seek shelter in the restroom stall.

What kind of sanctuary is that? And why is it better than reality?

I’d say that people take smoking breaks for the same reason. Better to poison yourself than face reality.

Or junk-food emotional eating. Or getting wasted after hours.

Those are all the easy ways out.

The hard part is facing the truth. If your job, your boss, your colleagues are making you miserable, you should quit. Instead of hiding in the john, invest that time and energy to find something else.

It’s difficult until it’s not. The current option seems easy until it’s not.

Be a man.

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