Purposeful non-monetization

Purposeful non-monetization

Starving artist vs. thriving businessman

I’ve got five thousand ideas in my Notion ideas collection folder, tons of drafts in my Evernote and Roam. Sometimes I look at them and think to myself:” If I take a vacation, I could produce and sell at least ten of those.”

Every week I generate a new newsletter idea. Most of them are niche, and I know I could make money from them. But I haven’t yet figured out how to make a business out of any of those newsletters (instead of becoming a full-time freelance gig).

My Writing ideas folders are full of content as well. Some drafted out already, ready to be picked up and turned into something worth publishing. I keep piling them up, filling up the stockpiles like a hamster. I keep them for the dark days when I’ll run out of ideas and creativity so that I’ll have a backup to return to.

I’ve got more content and writing ideas than I can ever execute upon.

Knowing that I’m so creative and understanding there’s no writer’s block also builds up pressure. Pressure to monetize content creation, pressure to go full time. But I know that’s stupid. Why be a hungry artist when I can be a rich businessman with enjoyable hobbies.

When my living doesn’t depend on it, there’s no pressure to create. It’s a joy. It’s natural. I find time, and it’s therapeutic. This way is better. Financially secure, self-funded, enjoying the creation process without pressure to make it marketable.

I can allow myself to suck at my art. Because there are no consequences. My kids won’t be hungry if it doesn’t sell.

This is the best way of being an artist.

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